Thursday, December 21, 2006

Scouts Latest

The next Scouts will be on Wednesday 3rd January. There's no meeting Christmas week.

Congratulations to Eagle Patrol. They won the latest Patrol Points competition with 406 points. Cobra Patrol were second with 345 points and Kestrel Patrol were third with 281 points. Eagle and Cobra Patrols get to go to the Metrodome, details to follow.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Just to let you all know that you can buy Beaver and Cub jumpers and activity trousers for all sections from Blackford Sports in Barnsley, at the rear of WH Smiths. Prices are the same as the Scout shop in Sheffield. Neckers, woggles and Scout shirts you get from us as before.

Latest Panto News

We all need to be at the Academy Theatre in Birdwell no later than 6.45 so we can take our seats for a 7pm start. Please wear uniform PLUS a Christmas hat if you want to. I've got an elf one. There will be a refreshment break so you can take money for that if you like. Parents to collect kids at 9pm from inside the theatre please. See you there.... yes I will, I'll be right behind you!

Church Parade this Sunday

This Sunday it’s our Christmas Church Parade. We’ll be taking part in the Christingle Family Service at Christ Church, Ardsley. We hope and expect that all Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers will make the effort to attend. Please meet at HQ this Sunday at 10.00am in full uniform. The service will conclude at approximately 11.45am. Parents and family are, as usual, most welcome to stay for the service.

Featured Badge - Astronomer

This month our Featured Badge is the Astronomer. Cubs and Scouts have recently been doing activities related to astronomy. For example, some of the Cubs made a solar system mobile, and the Scouts did a space quiz.

Astronomy is a fascinating subject; here are just a few facts about the Solar System the Scouts learned last week: The Sun is much, much bigger than the other planets, in fact it accounts for 99.8% of the mass of the Solar System (and Jupiter accounts for most of the rest). A Venus day is longer than a Venus year. Mars has the highest mountain in the Solar System, Olympus Mons, which is three times the height of Mount Everest. The Earth would fit twice in Jupiter’s Red Spot. Saturn’s rings are about 250,000km in diameter but less than 1km thick. And Pluto takes 90,550 days to go round the Sun, so it was last in its current position in 1758 (the year Horatio Nelson was born). You can find these and more astonishing facts about our Solar System at .

If you’re a Cub or Scout and this is a subject that interests you, there’s a badge available. (Check out what you need to do for the Cub version and for the Scout version.)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Beavers & Cubs Latest News

The last 2 weeks at Beavers & Cubs have been hectic. Cubs finished their badge work off - the chefettes made a truly lovely chocolate gateau topped with cream and strawberries, served with a chocolate sauce PLUS giant double choc chip cookies that tasted great. The bird tables were magnificent and I'm sure parents will be proud to have them in their gardens. I know the kids were thrilled with their handiwork. This week we played some new games in both sections and Beavers made snowflakes. Cubs started to design a stained glass window decoration, which will hopefully be finished next week. Thanks to Nicola Spencerman and Debbie Tobin for helping at Beavers this week and last. I need a name on the rota for next week though.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Well Done Kestrel Patrol

Congratulations to Kestrel Patrol for winning the first Scout Patrol Points competition since we reorganised the Patrols. Your prize is to go 10-Pin Bowling this coming Monday, 11 December. Well done to Zak, James, Natalie, Emily, Robert and Brad.

We start a brand new points competition next week.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Winner - Joke Competition

Daniel Thelwell won the inaugural blog Joke Competition by virtue of being the only one to enter. We'll be getting Daniel a little something for his trouble.


Panto: If you've booked Panto seats and not yet paid could you please make sure we get your money next week. We have just two spare places if anyone else would like to go.

Summer Camp 2007: By now you should have paid at least £50 towards camp. I know it seems that there is plenty of time, but we have deposits to pay, so we need you to keep up to date with your payments.

Subs: December Subs are due next week. Remember if you're paying cash to bring the correct money in a sealed, named envelope so we can sort it out once the kids have gone home.

Church Parade: Our next Church Parade is on Sunday 17th December. This is the Christingle Family Service, which is normally good festive fun. We expect all our members to turn up for Church Parades.

Scouts News - Patrols & Points

This week we had a bit of reorganisation at Scouts. We have three new Patrols - Cobra, Kestrel and Eagle. Congratulations to Jaye Oldfield, Zak Wheeler and Matthew Walker who were promoted to Patrol Leader, and to Daniel Kuhn, James Hewitt and James Rymer who were promoted to Assistant Patrol Leader.

The three Patrols are competing for a chance to go 10-Pin Bowling. Kestrel Patrol is currently leading the Patrol Points competition with 195 points, Eagle Patrol is in second place with 180 points, and Cobra Patrol has 165 points. The score board was very close and the lead changed several times during the night. This competition ends next week and it's all still to play for.

This week we invested Robert Dunn, Natalie Kuhn and Emily Wade into Scouts. Natalie and Emily were also presented with their Craft Badge, which they've worked very hard for in recent weeks. Well Done to them.

We also invested Andy (Spud) into the Scout Movement. Andy has applied for an Assistant Scout Leader warrant, which is great news.

Wednesday’s activities included group juggling, balloon animals, blanket volleyball, planets assault challenge, and poison carpet.