Friday, January 11, 2008

Beavers and Cubs Activity

This week Beavers completed the Creative badge by making instruments out of various containers and stationery items, bells etc. We made drums, shakers, banjos,coconut clackers and jingle sticks. We had a lot of fun (and made a lot of noise) playing along to "Old Macdonald had a band" and "I am the Music Man." Next week we will be doing the Air Activities badge.

This year we can wear a special challenge badge for the whole year to compliment some of our activities. Our programme incorporates special activities that I will tell you about as we do them. For example, in a couple of weeks we will be looking to North American Indians for our themed night. This links to America. Can anyone guess what all our activities are themed around? OK, we'll be having a Chinese night, an Indian night, a Canadian night...... any ideas yet? The badge can be purchased from me for £1. Unfortunately, subs don't cover the cost of this one so I can't just give it out.

Cubs this week, finished the Communicators badge by completing an obstacle course blindfolded. They had to listen to instructions shouted by their team. Not easy.

Can I ask if any parents/carers/family members or friends have an interesting job they could give us a talk about. Or do you know anyone with a skill to teach or a collection to show? Can you get us a discount on entry to a venue perhaps?

Friday, January 04, 2008

further panto update

Apparently, the venue is at the opposite side of the carpark near the George pub. Sorry for the confusion - I'm a blonde!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Panto date

Sorry guys, forgot to say it's on Sunday 6th. I have done a hard copy for everyone as well.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Pantomime details

Be at The Operatic Centre, George Street,Wombwell to be seated no later than 2:15. Park in the swimming pool carpark and it's below the crossroads opposite the carpark. It's expected to finish approx 5pm.
Refreshments: when you get there decide what you want so you can tell me and pay me so that they can box our order up for me to dish out at the interval. You can get thngs yourself at the interval if you like but they prefer to do it this way. Or take your own.

Our seats are F1 TO F7 G1 TO G5 H1 TO H7 J1 TO J7 K1 TO K7 AND L1 TO L5 sit where you like in those.

I'll be there at 2pm to greet you. Oh yes I will!