Friday, May 23, 2008

District Camp - Badge Reminder

Just a quick reminder. If you are going on the District Camp, and you haven't already, you need to text Kim by close of play today, so we know to order a badge for you. Kim's mobile number is on the slip you were given (unfortunately can't publish it here, as this web page is publicly available.)

District Camp - Details

For those who didn't attend this week, Ardsley will be taking part in this year’s Fitzwilliam District Camp, which will take place at Silverwood Scout Camp from Friday 20 – Sunday 22 June. The theme of the camp will be The Olympics and we will be attending as Italy – ‘cos they have the best food.

The camp is open to all Cubs and Scouts. (Beavers can attend as day visitors on the Saturday – they will be receiving a separate letter about this.)

The cost of the camp is £20, which will cover food, activities and a camp badge. Additional spending money is not required.

To reduce costs we will not be providing transport to and from camp, rather it will be up to parents to arrange drop off and pick up at Silverwood, which is on the A628 between Dodworth and Silkstone.

Drop off will be between 7 – 8pm on the Friday night. Pick up will be at 4pm on the Sunday.

Campers will require: a sleeping bag; carrymat or bivvy bag; towel; personal washing gear; tea-towel; activity wear (i.e., clothes/footwear that can get wet/dirty); at least one complete change of clothes; jumper or fleece for evenings; cagoule; plate, dish & mug (preferably unbreakable); knife, fork & spoon; torch; and a rucksack or holdall to put it all in. You will be expected to arrive at camp in FULL UNIFORM, no exceptions. Please make sure all items are named, assuming you want to see them again! No mobile phones – leaders will provide a contact number for emergencies.

If you missed out on getting a letter this week, be sure to ask for one next week.

Closing date is 5th June. £5 deposit to secure your place.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

District Camp

This week we'll be releasing further details of the forthcoming Fitzwilliam District Camp, which takes place at Silverwood from 20 - 22 June. The theme of the camp is The Olympics, and it promises to be a great weekend with lots of activities.

The camp is open to Cubs and Scouts. Beavers can join in the fun too, as day visitors on Saturday 21 June.

Watch out for letters this week.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

How to cremate a fish

Last night the Scouts did a survival exercise, in which they had to prepare a fish, and cook it over an open fire. Had it been a real-life survival situation they would probably have starved to death while arguing about who was going to gut the fish! Here are a few photos:

Thanks to James Rymer for the photos.