Friday, July 25, 2008

Postcard from Beaudesert (Part Deux)

It's been a few days now since we let you know what's going on, so we thought we'd fill you in on what's happening down here in the beautiful Cannock Chase. First and foremost, the Scout with the superficial wound (see previous post) is healing up nicely.

Wednesday morning saw more good weather as the Scouts geared up to get ready for Go Ape! a high ropes course through the trees of Cannock Wood. Whilst the Scouts tested their vertical limit, the Cubs went off to Shugborough to learn from Mrs Wheelock how to make bread, cheese and butter. We're usually hesitant to taste the Cubs' baking, but they all did really well and helped to feed the group when the BBQ was lit up on Wednesday night. The Scouts made burgers from scratch (no cows were harmed directly mind!) and Cubs cooked all their own food, giving the camp cooking squad a well deserved rest!

After a hard days activities we decided to let everyone have a rest on Thursday. Only joking! Everyone got kitted up and set off on the longest hike of their lives. Funny thing is, our veteran campers say that every year! When the group returned to camp, everyone tucked into their jacket potatoes with a choice of beans, cheese, tuna mayo and camp-made coleslaw. It's amazing what a child's imagination can do when confronted with these choices! Tuna mayo and beans seemed to get good reviews...

After lunch, we managed to cram in another session of high octane activities. While the Cubs played frisbee golf and drove formula 1 pedal karts, the Scouts tackled the notorious Jacob's Ladder and the sheer face of the abseiling quarry. Everyone got back to camp for a rest and dinner, which was well worth waiting for! By the time everyone had eaten and washed up, it was time for bed as we had to be up early for one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the week. Alton Towers!

Everyone got up early this morning, greeted by a delicious bacon sandwich. Once seconds had been called and the pots were washed it was time to jump in the van and get to the theme park before the queues got too large. Everyone was handed a ticket and mounted an attack on the gates, within seconds everyone was looping loops and whiting knuckles while the sun beamed down once again. In what seemed like no time we were huddling together for a group photo before once more getting in the vans to get back to camp for the final night of Summer Camp 2008.

We're hoping to be back between 1pm & 2pm tomorrow, and we'll be passing a message down the grapevine as to what time we'll be back.

See you soon!

Everyone here at Beaudesert

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Postcard from Beaudesert

We thought we'd drop you a line just to let you know how things are going down here in the lovely Cannock Chase.

Saturday saw our arrival, and the place hasn't been the same since! The weather held out long enough for everyone to put up their tents and get settled, and in any case a little rain never stops us having a good time!

Everyone worked so hard that they were ready for a good home cooked meal. You might have noticed us carrying the chilli onto the kit van in bio-hazard suits on Saturday morning. Seriously though it went down really well.

The weather on Sunday looked promising as the Cubs and Scouts got kitted up and headed off towards the lake. Cubs were coracling whilst the Scouts built their rafts. Of course, like any Ardsley trip to the lake, everyone came back with a smile on their face and needing a shower! (although most of them needed a shower anyway!)

RAF Cosford was the destination for Monday mornings outing, and gave the Cubs and Scouts the opportunity to complete their Air Activities and Air Researcher badges respectively. The rest of the day passed quickly as the afternoon was packed with activities including climbing, crate stacking and initiative exercises.

The Cubs then came back to camp for a good old sing-a-long while the Scouts prepared for a cosy nights sleep in their Ray Mears style bivvys. Luckily the werewolves stayed clear and they all came back for breakfast this morning. Except our two oldest Scouts, who were certain they heard something outside their bivvy. They were back in their tent before their hot chocolate had even gone cold!

We decided that everyone needed a wash this morning, so we descended on Stoke's fabulous indoor super tropical indoor fun park. It was actually called Waterworld, but it was so fun it deserved a longer name!

Anyway, we've just about reached the point we're at now, and you'll be happy to know that everyone is having a great time and we haven't had any major accidents. Although just now, a Scout has wandered over with a superficial wound.

I suppose I best sort that out!

Speak to you soon,

Everyone here at Beaudesert

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Holiday Meetings

Wednesday 17th July - Beavers and Scouts as normal
Thursday 18th July - No Cubs
Wednesday and Thursday 24/25th July - No meetings
Wednesday 6th August - No Beavers but Scouts as normal
Thursday 7th August - Cubs as normal
For the rest of the holidays meetings will run at the usual times

Cubs 18th July Meeting

Just a reminder that there will not be a Cubs meeting tonight as Leaders are going to empty Tesco shelves in preparation for camp. See you all Saturday morning at 9:30. Remember to bring a packed lunch and a drink. Put any medicines in the medicine box - complete with names and instructions, any spoons needed etc . Think positive weather thoughts between now and Saturday!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

District Camp 2008 - Photos

Hi folks,

Long time no post!

As some of you may be aware, my university days are over, which means you'll be seeing more of me in the future.

I promised I would upload the photos from this year's district camp and have finally managed to get them online.

You can see them here.

Thanks to Sara for braving the weather to snap some of these great pics!