Thursday, January 27, 2011

Newly Invested Beaver

Welcome to our newly invested Beaver. He actually joined us on his 6th birthday in November. This keen little Beaver has already earned his Faith Badge and his Promise Challenge Badge and is proving to be a super addition to our colony.
Andrea: Beaver Leader

Beaver of the Month

Hi Everyone. January is almost out and we have had a changeover for Beaver of the Month. Here is February's lucky Beaver who gets to take Pinkie the Beaver home for safe keeping. Our Beaver has worked very hard earning her Faith badge this month, attended all the meetings and been kind and helpful in all she does. Well done!

Andrea: Beaver Leader

Rolling back the years

Some photos have been discovered when  tidying up the Scout Hut of our Group Scout Leader (Ian) and Akela (Gareth).

As you can tell they were taken a few years ago, when photographs were taken on film and developed at the chemist!

Perhaps we should have entitled this post as "Rolling back the tears"...
Smile and the whole world smiles with you!
Why is there never a Scout around when you need one?
Bring on the Summer!

P.S. Scouts are having a sleepover this weekend, if you missed out at last nights meeting, the arrangements are turn up at Scout HQ @ 9AM this Saturday, bring swimming gear, work clothes (there is a skip to fill with rubbish as we spring clean this weekend) and your sleeping gear, plus a £5 contribution.  We will be providing lunch, dinner and breakfast, entrance to the Metrodome for a swim and a Movie. - WOW!

Any questions drop me a line:

See you then.


Friday, January 07, 2011

Beaver of the Month

Beaver of the Month

Hi all, I have introduced a Beaver of the Month award and I'm pleased to announce the first lucky Beaver for January pictured here wearing his award woggle and holding Pinkie the Beaver whom he will take care of for the month before he returns her to pass on to the next lucky Beaver.

This aware was given in recognition of attendance, good behaviour, hard work and attendance to the church events, although it has to be said that we have a great set of Beavers so choosing one to award is a very hard task.

Well done to January's Beaver of the Month.

Andrea, Beaver Leader