Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'Big Adventure' District Camp, 1 - 3 July

Here's one for all Sections... In July the whole of Barnsley District will be gathering at Silverwood for a Big Adventure Camp packed full of activities. We're taking over the whole campsite and some adjoining fields. Hundreds of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers will be taking part. The camp starts on Friday evening and finishes Sunday afternoon.

At the end of March we'll be holding a series of briefings about this event for parents and members. So here are some dates for your diary: The Beaver and Scout briefings will take place on Wednesday 30 March, and the Cub briefing will take place on Thursday 31 March. At these briefings you'll find out more about the kind of activities you can expect, and how you can take part.

We're particularly interested in hearing from any parents who would be interested in camping and helping out over the weekend.

More details on this blog as we get them.

Walesby Forest Camp, 29 April - 2 May

In a desperate bid to escape the Royal Wedding media frenzy, the Scout Leaders are planning a long-weekend camp at Walesby Forest Scout Camp, cut off from any possible news source.

We will be heading off to Walesby on Friday morning and returning on Monday afternoon. (Both Friday and Monday are public holidays.) The camp is open to Scouts and Explorers, but we have limited places. The cost is £65. Letters will be going out this week. Let us know as soon as possible if you would like to go.

Pioneering Badge Weekend, 8-10 April

Pioneering is a traditional Scouting skill, which involves building large outdoor structures using spars (small tree trunks) and ropes. It's a test of ingenuity (design), skill (knots and lashings) and teamwork (construction). This year Barnsley District Scouts are running a Pioneering Badge weekend at Silverwood. It's an opportunity for Scouts to learn pioneering skills, and take part in the construction of a number of different projects, under the leadership of some very enthusiastic and knowledgeable adults. The aim is that Scouts will do enough to earn the Pioneer Badge over the course of the weekend.

Scouts will need a basic knowledge of knots and lashings already. And be warned, rain or shine most of the event will take place outdoors.

This is a residential course - Scouts will be eating and sleeping in The Lodge building. The course starts Friday evening and finishes Sunday afternoon. The cost is £35 which includes food and accommodation. The event is open to Scouts from Barnsley District, and places are limited, so let the Scout Leaders know asap if you're interested in attending.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

2011 programme for Scouts and Explorers

The 2011 programme for Scouts and Explorers has been published, check out the Ardsley Group calendar from our main home page on the Blog for the details.

2011 sees a number of Scouts progress to become Explorers

It has been a number of years since the group has had such a large number of Scouts wanting to stay on and enjoy Scouting after they have reached the age of 14.  This programme has been launched to keep their interest and will be developed by the Explorers themselves with guidance from the Scout leaders to meet their changing needs.

Having enough Scouts to establish an Explorer Unit as our 4th section (the others are Beavers, Cubs and Scouts) is testiment to the exciting and challenging programme that all the leaders of Ardsley Scouts put together from taking the Beavers on at 6 years old.  This is followed with progession through Cubs at 8 to 10 1/2 years where they can look forward to great outdooor adventures and then onto Scouts until they are ready for Explorers at 14 up to the age of 18.

We look forward to working, camping and scouting with our 4th Section as we celebrate many of them passing through the ranks as bashful Beavers, curious Cubs and skillful Scouts.  

If you are a Scout reading this, share this message with your parent, carer or guardian.

The future looks great for the scout group in 2011, there are growing numbers of children in all of the sections, but we need your help! - Here's a few ways YOU can help:  
 - Step up and become a leader - it's easy to join and there's plenty of training and support on offer, speak to any of the Scout Leaders we'd love to hear from you. (If you are shy you can email as well!)

 - Help organise- with growing numbers there's more paper work and record keeping, as well as running meetings, collecting subs, ordering and making bookings for camps, transport and special events - could you help us stay organised? - Speak to Ian about how you could do this.

- Help build the future - right now we need volunteers to help decorate the Scout HQ, John, one of the Scout Leaders has made a fantastic start on remodelling our storage area.  Can you help in any way?  Perhaps you are handy with a saw, screwdriver or paintbrush? - Please speak to John and offer whatever support you can in this vital rebuilding project.

You can still help on a "as and when basis" by:
- Helping in the background - keeping the Scout HQ clean and tidy, providing help catering at our special events etc., allowing us to spent more time building the adventure for the kids. - Speak to any of the leaders about how you think you can help.

Don't leave it too late, we need your help right now.

Best wishes


p.s. I did remember to mention that we needed your help, right? :-)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meeting Tonight - 16/02/2011 - IMPORTANT!

Following on from last weeks troop meeting, we will be going up to woods tonight for a wide game.

What you need to know:
- No Uniform required, but dress appropriately for outdoor activities for 2 hours, including suitable footwear for the woods and muddy tracks.
- Bring a torch, but don't bring MP3 players or expensive mobile phones, they can easily get lost.
- Bring any medications you need especially if you are asthmatic etc.
- Turn up to Scout HQ for a 7PM start as normal.

Any questions email me: ed@ardsleyscouts.org.uk