Friday, November 24, 2006

Christmas Plans for Beavers and Cubs

The panto is, as you know, on Thursday 21st December. There will NOT be a Beavers and Cubs on the 28th.

Cubs News from 23/11/06

Hi Everyone,
What an exciting night we had. Split into four groups the DIY badge group continued drilling and hammering, the Map Readers worked at reading maps so they won't get lost again, the Astonomers shared facts and learned more about space (did you know you have 3 ears?? A left ear, a right ear and a final front ear!) and the Chefs made a spag bol entirely from scratch without a jar of Dolmio in sight. Delicious it was too. Not only that but they also made a veggie option as well. Can't wait for next week!
Kim, Akela, Chil, Spud and Sharon

PS. Sorry Thomas W., I forgot to mention that you got the Well Done certificate this week as Akela judged your plane design to be the best - but it was a tough decision he said! Also, if you need to contact me you can ring on 247188 and leave a message if I'm not in or text on 07985660966. Kim

Beaver news from 23/11/06

Following on from last week, Beavers had a go at designing their ultimate aeroplane. We had fancy wings and lots of wheels for faster flying and smoother landings, huge windows to look out of and luxury interiors to lounge around in. Hannah and Jack L. were invested at the beginning of the night - Joel was poorly so he'll have to wait until next week. We reminded ourselves that Beavers are kind and helpful and have fun. We welcomed Leanne for a visit and all enjoyed playing Prisoners and Dodge Ball. Thanks to Mrs Smith for stepping in once again at the last moment as there were no names on the rota. Have a good week and I'll see you soon.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Beavers News

Beavers have just finished working on one of the newest activity badges we have. For the Safety Badge we have learned all about the Green Cross Code and road safety and how to play safely near water. On week 3 we looked at dangers in the kitchen and finally talked about Stranger Danger. How loud can you shout "NO!" I am just waiting for the badges to come from the 'badge factory' before presenting them. This coming week I will be investing Hannah and Joel into the Group. Last night we started our new Air Activities badge by making and decorating paper planes before having a competition to see whose plane could get most points by flying furthest. After a tight competition Lewis R and Rebecca won the day. I was very impressed by how well the kids made the planes. More next week......... Kim x

Monday, November 13, 2006

Swimming Gala

Well done to all those who turned out to the Swimming Gala on Saturday. We did really well in lots of the races. Cubs came second overall and won their relay race. Everyone who was there started working towards their Swimmer’s Staged Activity Badge. We will be arranging another swimming session over the next few weeks so that those who were there can finish it off, and anyone else who wants to can start working towards their badge. I’ll let you know once we’ve sorted out a date and time! Check out what you have to do by looking here.


Friday, November 10, 2006

Panto Reminder

Just a quick reminder to all you panto fans. We need to finalise numbers, so if you are interested could you let us know how many places you require as soon as possible? Dont be shy parents, you are more than welcome and no doubt (if you're like me) will enjoy it more than the kids. Why not make it a family thing Mums, Dads, Brothers, Sisters? (Although no pets i'm afraid.)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Special Request to Beaver/Cub Carers

Can I just mention that one of the ways you can help me and your little ones on Thursday nights is to bring/send subs in a named envelope so that I can spend my time having fun with the kids instead of keeping them waiting trying to sort change out for you there and then. Thanks a lot.

Cubs Campfire Evening

Thursday night's campfire was a resounding success. Chil did a great job of the fire in the carpark, thanks to him. Thanks to Sharon for doing the food - hotdogs and soup and to Mr and Mrs Wroe for making the toffee apples. Thanks also to Spud for running most of the singing and all of the chants - we learned quite a lot of new ones tonight! Fluffy bunnies went down well too as did the marshmallow toasting!! Thanks also to Beth for bringing extra spooky sweets and to Baggy and Richard for their support, and to my fellow stalwarts Akela and Ian for their help too. I'll thank myself for doing the shopping and all the kids for turning up and getting in to the spirit of things. No, I'm not up for an Oscar - I just wanted to thank everyone for their contribution to the evening and practice my speech for when we win next weekend's swimming gala. I think we'll do it again next year!

We've had loads of fun this last few weeks with the Cubs Spooktacular, Beavers Campfire, Cubs & Scouts campfire and Scouts Ghostwalk. Just think, it's not long to the panto and Christmas party nights. All this excitement.... I'll have to go and lay down.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Featured Badge - Swimmer

Can you swim? If you can, you may qualify for one of the Swimmer staged activity badges. There are five badges in this series. To qualify for Stage 1 (the easiest) here's what you need to be able to do:

1) Explain the safety rules about swimming and know where it is safe to swim locally. 2) Without using the steps, demonstrate a controlled entry into a swimming pool containing at least 1.5 metres of water. 3) Swim ten metres on your front. 4) Tread water for 30 seconds in a vertical position. 5) Using a buoyancy aid, float still in the water for 30 seconds. 6) Demonstrate your ability to retrieve an object from chest deep water. 7) Perform a push and glide on both your front and back. 8) Swim 25 metres without stopping. 9) Take part in an organised swimming activity e.g. the District Swimming Gala (see below).

You can get this badge as a Beaver, Cub, Scout or Explorer. If you're thinking that's easy-peasy check out the requirements for the more advanced Swimmer badges here.