Sunday, September 20, 2009


Beavers made the most of the beautiful weather this weekend walking and playing in the woods. After settling excitedly into their bunkrooms and getting changed we went for a walk in the woods finding pine cones and the occasional acorn before collecting armloads of wood for our evening campfire. We played a game of Whacko! at some point as well. Tea was a huge success of hotdogs, onions, loadsa pizza and salad with fruit salad and yoghurt for dessert. Then we got warm jumpers on and our torches and headed down to the fire for a rousing singsong before having fun with glowsticks in the dark. Back up to the main hall for a disco and musical games then getting into PJ's for supper, which was hot chocolate and biscuits. Bed at 10pm with the last sleepyhead admitting defeat around 01:10am. Bliss! Until 06:10 when Beavers started to wakeup. After packing bags, getting washed, teeth brushing etc. we enjoyed a hearty breakfast of cereals, juice and toast before having a few minutes peace in the campsite chapel for what's known as a Scout's Own. Next we headed off to see the wild pigs and sheep but I think they must have been scared of us because they were hiding! So, back up to the woods to play again then back to base for squash, crisps and biscuits. Then a brilliant set of games with the parachute and then I'm afraid everyone started to flag. Well. we had packed an awful lot of activity into such a very short time. Fortunately, parents started to arrive to take everyone home.
So, a huge success. On behalf of parents and children I would like to thank Sara and Charlotte (our new Cub Leader) for all their hard work as well as thanking Anita, Adam, Robyn and Marie from Darfield for their hard work too. We put an awful lot of time and effort into this weekend and hope the children enjoyed it as much as we all did! All the children from both groups were brilliant! A credit to us and to yourselves! Here's to our next one!

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