Tuesday, February 21, 2012

T4 Challenge Camp - 23rd to 25th March 2012

Scouts have the opportunity to join in as part of a challenge camp, working in teams of between 4 and 6, there are a number of tricky, tactical, testing trials (that's where the 4T comes from) planned, with an overall prize for the winning team, plus a few special awards.  Camping at Silverwood Scout Camp the following programme is packed full of fun adventure for Scouts of all ages;

Friday 23rd
Midnight Trolley Race

Saturday 24th (each task worth different points, and take various amounts of time, Scouts must choose carefully)

Geo Caching
Fire lighting
Giant Chess
First Aid
Mini Raft Building
Fish for a Duck
A walk to the shop
A4 paper challenge
Quoits Making
Quoits Throwing
Lego Challenge
Gutters and Pipe Race

Wide Game

Sunday 25th
Obstacle course
-Cargo net in the trees
-Cargo net in the ground
-Walking the Plank
- Rope bridge
- Tyres

Incongruous (you might have to look that one up!) items game
Colours game

and then the results...

The cost of the weekend will be £25, inclusive of all camping and activity fees and food.

If you are interested in attending, print out the reply slip, pop this along with £10 deposit into a sealed envelope marked with the scouts name and "T4 Challenge Camp" by Wednesday 14th March 2012.


I ________________________(Print Scouts Name) would like to attend the T4 Challenge Camp, 23rd to 25th March 2012 at Silverwood Scout Camp and I enclose my £10 deposit.


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