Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Scouts Expedition Challenge

Scouts are invited to join in with an Expedition Challenge between Friday 11th (18:15) and Sunday 13th May 2012 (14:30).  They will be asked to plan and walk a route from Scout HQ in Ardsley  to the Silverwood camp site near Silkstone.  Once camp has been established the group will be asked to complete a challenging task over the course of the weekend, and will be only using the resources that they manage to carry with them.  Tents will be available but Scouts will be offered the chance to build their own survival shelters and live out of them for 24 hours.  Drop off will be the Scout HQ at Ardsley, collection will be from Silverwood Camp Site.

Upon completion of this weekend the Scouts in addition to many weeks of preparation, the Scouts will be awarded their Expedition challenge badge and their badge for Survival, if they have not already received it.  These challenge badges build towards the Chief Scouts Award.

If you are interested in being part of this, print out the return slip below and return it, inside an envelope marked "Scouts Expedition Camp 11th May 2012" with your name clearly on it, please also enclose a £5 deposit.  The total cost is expected to be £20.

I _____________(Scouts Name) wish to join in on the adventure and be part of the Scouts Expedition Challenge starting Friday 11th May 2012.  I enclose my £5 deposit.

Please return no later than Wednesday 18th April 2012.

Any questions please just ask one of the leaders.

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