Friday, April 27, 2012

St George's Day Event - This Sunday

Just a quick update on this Sunday's St George's Day Event in view of the weather situation.

The event is still going ahead, and we hope you won't be put off by the weather. Obviously, dress appropriately for the conditions.

We'll be using the official car parks, rather than the field, so you won't get stuck. If you are coming for 2pm we'll meet you near the district tent.

And PLEASE NOTE that the the venue is WENTWORTH CASTLE, which is near Hood Green. The best way to get there from Ardsley, is via Haverlands Way, passing Wigfield Farm, and turning right at the deer farm. Follow the road, and as you go up the hill towards Hood Green, take the left turn signposted Northern College.

If you go to Wentworth Woodhouse in the village of Wentworth, you're on your own!

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