Monday, May 28, 2012

Beavers Visit the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Saturday the 26th of May saw the Ardsley Beaver Scouts take a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  We had a scorching hot day for our visit but every inch of the park was explored and enjoyed by the 21 Beavers, 4 Leaders, 3 Young Leaders and several parents and grandparents.

We spent the morning viewing and petting animals from goats to meercats then took a stroll through the lemur enclosure.  We found a shady spot for our lunch followed by a session in the adventure play zone balancing, swinging, climbing and generally having a good time.

Here the girls show the boys how a rope swing should be done . . . . .

Or was it the boys show the girls ? . . . . . . . 

A little bit of team work get the boys across the low ropes, then we headed off to enjoy ice creams before setting out to view the Leopards, Tigers and Lions.

We took a moment for a rest and a cool off, time to reflect on our day.
Everyone had a great time, thanks to the Beaver leaders team and our YL's doing a great job as always, and parents for helping us out and thank you Ed for stepping in as a Beaver Leader and photographer for the day.


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