Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Explorer D of E trip

This weekend saw 6 of our Explorers put weeks of planning into use as they set out on their Practice expedition for the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award.

After fixing tents to rucksacks and sharing out the food It was time to start there 14 km hike from the Scout hut to Silverwood .
Arriving a few hours off schedule (they say they had a long lunch)
Meths Burning cooker thingy
they  pitched their tents and had a few hours to recover before it was master chef time cooking  their teas on trangia stoves (meths burning cooker thingies)

Sunday morning and it was time for breakfast before striking camp and setting out on a gentle 8Km  towards Cannon Hall Country Park.
All packed and ready to go.
Well done to all 6 who took part and despite looking tired I'm sure they are all looking forward to planning and walking the Qualifying expedition in the near future.

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